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SunBurst Agri Biotech Solutions LLC Offers the Following Diagnostic Services:
Plant Disease Testing
Plant diseases impact crop quality and yield. We offer USDA and CDFA-permitted plant tissue and soil tests, and programs specially tailored to combat root issues.
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Seed Health and Quality Testing
Seed-borne diseases and poor seed quality cause significant crop losses. Our seed health and quality testing help growers maximize crop yield. We identify infectious diseases and provide viability, vigor, moisture, and genetic purity tests.

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Grapevine Disease Testing
Grapevine diseases are a source of major concern for vineyards throughout the country. We help grape growers and nurseries identify causal agents and develop programs to improve vineyard sustainability.
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We can help identify, test, and heal your crop issues.

Our major focus is diagnosing the root causes of pathological, entomological, physiological diseases and disorders in agricultural plants, and providing programs that remedy identified problems.
Our diagnostic services include but are not limited to diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasma, and nematodes.
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